08 February 2012


After the fireworks the night before, there was a larger crowd on the night of 4 Feb 12, who came in anticipation of the spectacular fireworks. This has become a popular place for the crowds to gather to see the fireworks fired into the sky in the Marina area. I was told that there was a huge traffic jam along the roads leading to the gardens and the entire car park was full during the 2012 New Year's countdown.

Almost eighty car parks lots were parked with cars by 10 pm, and along the Skyline Promenade were already gathered with more than a hundred people. I brought Sandy along because she had never seen fireworks in the sky before and I felt it would be an eye-opener for her.

So when the fireworks started and lit up the night sky at around 10:29 pm, I was thinking of Katy Perry's "Fireworks". I started taking the photos and videos and was so immersed in the moment that I didn't realize Sandy was no longer at my feet. She probably clamoured my legs with her claws in reaction to the crackling sound but I didn't sense it at all. Fortunately, a group of Muslims kids in the vicinity screamed because they suddenly found Sandy huddling and cowering in fear at the center of their group and I dashed over to cradle and rock her in my arms. I wouldn't know how to find her in this dark night if I really lost her in the gardens. Fortunately, it didn't happen. So Sandy girl, there would be no more fireworks for you.

The last of the fireworks ended around 10:33 pm and the crowds started to disperse. I too left soon after.