29 February 2012


Today's weather - sunny
In real life, Liam Neeson's wife Natasha Richardson passed away in 2009. Starring Liam Neeson, Frank Grillo from the TV series "The Gates", Dermot Mulroney, Dallas Roberts etc, this movie tells the story of a team of workers, who completed their work at an oil drilling facility in Alaska and was on the plane home when it crashed in a blizzard.

Only seven men survived the plane crash and they had to team up together to try to find help, whilst trying to escape from a pack of wolves which were hunting them down. Led by Liam's character John, who was suffering from recurring haunting visions of his wife, they tried to fight tooth and nail against the big menacing beasts which were hot on their trails. Regardless of how intelligent humans are, they were no match for nature's creation in their home ground. Slowly but surely, they were decimated one by one and unknown to the rest of mankind, they poignantly perished horribly in a still and tranquil landscape of conifers and snow with the alpha male seeking a showdown with John in the final scene.

It is definitely not a movie for everyone and I don't think it did well at the box-office.