05 February 2012


Sometimes, it really pays not to know anything about a movie before watching it. I have not seen the poster or read anything about it, so when I watched it, I really had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Starring a cast of unknowns to me made the anticipation even more trying. When I saw a number of kids in the cinema before the movie started, I was kind of worried that it is a kiddy show. But it was all worth it. In fact, I find the storyline very original and I would say I enjoyed the movie very much.

At a party, a pair of cousins Andrew and Matt and another fellow student Steve discovered a hole in the ground and their lives changed completely after they entered it. The trio gradually developed superhuman abilities and they were able to move things through telekinesis as well as defy gravity to fly high up the sky in the clouds. With such super powers, I was thinking that this is a story about how these kids would someday become superheroes but I was so wrong. From playing pranks on others, it became a case of one wielding the powers for personal gain.

Andrew, the most troubled teen amongst them, had a dying mother and suffered abuse at the hands of his alcoholic and jobless father. Things took a turn for the worst and he completely lost it. Steve was killed in the process and Andrew turned on everyone and everything that was in his way. The only person capable of stopping him was his kind and loving cousin Matt. I will not give the ending away but I must say it was all for the best for it to end this way.