15 February 2012


I came across this meaningful video "Project Run Through Singapore" which features a young man running through many parts of Singapore in a day, starting from the small island of Pulau Ubin to the mainland through dusk and dawn. Along the journey, all of us would likely recognize some familiar places and be intrigued by the unfamiliar parts of the island where we have yet to explore. From the old to the new, the busy to the quiet, the rural to the urban, the passive to the active, the natural green environment to the concrete jungle and vice versa, as well as the many races and faces of Singaporeans, it brings us on this beautiful sight-seeing journey for all to witness the vast diversity and unique character of this island we call home.

This short film is co-produced by an NUS Arts and Social Sciences student Mr Tan Yingquan in 2011 to showcase the many facades of Singapore to foreigners.

I have only one word to describe it - wow!