17 December 2012


Alex Cross is the title of this action packed movie. Before I watched the movie, I thought Alex is the character played by Matthew Fox but it turned out that it is Tyler Perry, the psychologist cum police detective who together with Tommy and Monica, played by Edward Burns and Rachel Nichols respectively, thwarted one of the attempts by the professional killer Picasso to kill off his target. 

Little did they realize what was coming their way after intercepting Picasso's assassination attempt. Alex, who never failed to anticipate the moves of those he knew or met and accurately map the profile of the criminals, made a grave mistake this time round. Piccaso proved to be someone never to trifle with. He was such a scary killer who enjoyed inflicting his victims with pain before slowly killing them. In fact, I think he was truly the most powerful character because of his brilliance, determination and composure. He was always a step ahead of the others. It is the case of whatever Picasso wants, Picasso gets. He was the central character that made me enjoy this movie. From the way he cut off his first target's 2 thumbs and 8 fingers to how he brutally tortured and killed Monica, and how he shot Dr Cross's wife Maria without batting an eyelid, I was horribly terrified of him. Frankly, when I saw his unfaltering gaze, that was enough to frighten me.

From losing a close team mate to losing his wife, Dr Cross was never more crossed than that (pun intended). If it wasn't for Maria, he would have been the dead one instead. Her death drove him over the edge, to the extent that he was prepared to go all out to get Picasso. His words to his mum "I will meet his soul at the gates of hell than to let him take another person I love away from me." said it all. But like most movies, the bad guys will die at the end while the good guys get to live.

The last time I saw a hunky looking Matthew Fox was in the TV series "Lost". Many years later, he must have lost a tremendous amount of weight to take on this role in the movie. Just take a look at his hollow wide eyes, sunken face and scrawny lean body. It was gruesome and scarily frightening with his skin merely wrapping every sinew of his muscles. He was almost unrecognizable and I must applaud him for his acting professionalism. But I must say his acting was brilliant and convincing and I hope he gets recognized for his extraordinary effort.