24 December 2012


When I first saw the shadow on the leaves of my Hamelia patens, I thought the shadow of the flowers looked interesting. Then it occurred to me that the shadow looked familiar and reminded me of something, the pet lizard living amongst my plants. Fine, it wasn't my pet but it was a lizard alright. Just look at the two pairs of cute little palmate feet.

Separately, my Brugmansia was at a low recently because I cut off many of the branches to propagate it. I lost most of the branches the first time round because I put them in water to induce the root production but it failed. I used the young to old parts but it didn't work although I did manage to propagate it by this means in the past. Then I rooted a second batch in soil using rooting hormone and those older branches worked. I have 3 healthy cuttings now and I planted 2 out. This remaining mother plant was much reduced in size and at its peak, produced only 6 flowers. Hopefully, in time to come, I would have it growing at its optimum again.