23 December 2012


I watched this movie about 2 weeks back but only decided to post about it now. Starring Ko Cheng-Tung of the "You are the Apple of My Eye" and Chien Man-Shu, it is a coming of age movie about a jilted boy who meets a jaded girl.

Well, it is one of those Ko Cheng-Tung vehicles that tried to pursue the success of the movie starring him. Unfortunately, this movie fared poorly compared to the more relatable former with the added advantage of a fantastic title song. In my opinion, I think the characters tried too hard to act cute to try to pull in the crowd but the audience didn't buy it. Just look at Ko's tilted head in the poster and his numerous dreamy looks if you know what I mean. Yes, I admit there is some originality in parts of the movie but overall, it failed to lift up the storyline or acting.

One of the things I like about this movie though were the several drawings of the sheep, wolf and the captions that came with it.