22 December 2012


These are some interesting flora and fauna at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. 

It's not often that I get to see a white spider. This spider is only at most 1 cm in length but it is so strangely white. I wonder if it bites?

How about a Draco, which is a flying lizard with winged membranes along their ribs. This one camouflaged so well against the trunk of the Midnight Horror (Scientific Name: Oroxylum indicum; Family: Bignoniaceae) tree. The body markings look just like the bark of the tree and I thought I saw a skeleton.

Then there were some white swans and a goose sculpture. The swans were so regal looking and are such beautiful birds. Too bad their wings are clipped. 

Along the pond edge was a fascinating unknown plant from the Malvaceae Family with interesting flowers and dried seed pods. I wonder what plant this is?

On some other forest plants nearby was an entire population of ladybird larvae, which look like mealy bugs except that they move fast. 

There was also a caterpillar on the flower of the Melastoma malabathricum.

The aggressive weeds Mikania and Dioscorea were also sprawling on the forest plants until they are removed someday. The post ends with a common garden snail on a Ruttyruspolia cultivar (Family: Acanthaceae).

NB on 18 Apr 13: The unknown plant is Abroma augustum (Common Name: Devil's Cotton)


Oroxylon indicum (Midnight Horror)

a pair of white swans and a swan sculpture

Abroma augustum

fruit of Abroma

Abroma flowers

seeds in the dried capsule

ladybird larvae that look like mealy bugs



caterpillar on Melastoma

snail on Ruttyruspolia