24 December 2012


I have neglected my 3 small mini-Sinningia 'Rio Das Pedras' or 'Little Wood Nymph' for a long time now and I was recently motivated to try and resuscitate them for my terrarium.

So I am giving them more attention and light now and placed them under my T5 lights. I am not joking but two of my plants started to sprout new leaves although the top one (S. 'Rio Das Pedras') was in bad condition and may not recover. I am watching them everyday, so hopefully it would flower soon and put out more vegetative growth.

In fact, I feel tempted to try out some of our local weeds as terrarium plants. My Ruellia repens seemed to be growing well but I have yet to try to grow it in an enclosed container. Well, hopefully I have some luck with the Lindernia crustacea too.