21 December 2012


This is the Christmas decor from the Arrival Square to the area between the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Other than the plant nurseries, this is the only other area where one can find a huge concentration of Christmas Fir Trees. In all, there are 26 big- to medium-sized conifers.

However, I didn't manage to take the last few night photos after the ticketing counter area because I had to rush home midway after receiving a shocking text message.

Anyway, unlike commercial shopping centres, the invigorating smell of the real Christmas Trees here are amazing. I simply love to walk along this stretch of the path to catch a wisp of the wonderful scent before I have to wait another year to do that again. Not to mention, the glittering lights give a spectacular glow and ambience to the entire place. There are a few more days left for me to do that.