15 February 2010


Recently, our nursery's Pseuderanthemum bicolor flowered so profusely that I used some of them for the Garden Of Seasons in early Feb and at the Butterfly Garden on 12 Feb 10. Otherwise, I don't really find this shrub species very attractive even though the underside of the leaves are purplish brown.

What surprised me was that after placing the plants in the Butterfly Garden enclosure on 12 Feb 10, all the Tree Nymphs flocked to it, as evident on these photos taken on the same day! My gosh, I did not know that this plant was so attractive to this butterfly species like fish to water.

On some pots, there were at least 6-7 butterflies on them. Frankly, I didn't smell anything from these flowers but clearly the butterflies could track them and zoomed in on them. So I told my staff this is a must have plant for the new Butterfly Garden.