15 February 2010


This commonly planted Yellow Saraca (accepted name: Saraca cauliflora, Synonym: Saraca thaipingensis) planted by me beside the children's playground at HortPark produced clusters of yellow floral buds recently, as observed by the photos taken on 8 Feb 10.

These trees exhibit cauliflory, that is, the flowers are produced from the trunk or branches, unlike the more common floral buds arising from the leaf axils in most other flowering plants. Other trees that show cauliflory include the Couroupita guianensis (Cannonball Tree), Phaleria clerodendron (Rosy Apple).

I noticed the flowers have opened on 12 Feb 10 but I have yet to find the time to take the photos. Compare the difference between this and the Saraca declinata that I posted earlier. Interestingly, these trees produce pendulous and pinkish new leaf flushes, that resemble soft pink handkerchiefs. Hence they are closely related to the Maniltoa.