23 August 2011


I watched the movie mainly because of Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer. It tells a sad poignant tale of how Ewan's character Oliver, reflected on his father Hal's life after his mother's death and the latter's coming out confession that he was gay before succumbing to terminal cancer.

Frankly, the movie was slow paced, freaking boring and I fell asleep in the early part. I enjoyed the movie slightly more towards the later segment where it explored Oliver's propensity towards failing his own relationships because of the stigma he experienced while growing up after witnessing his parents' strangely intimate yet detached relationship. The mother Georgia knew of Hal's sexual orientation before she proposed to him because she believed she could change him but it was a relationship that was not meant to be. 

Hal married Georgia then out of gratitude towards her for giving him a chance to lead a normal life and remained in the relationship out of his respect towards her. But she herself became off tangent and slightly weird, possibly after she realized that she could not change her husband and overlooked his indiscretions. It was sad to me because the relationship was held together in Georgia's living years by an emotional respect towards each other but it wasn't a love that they each hanker for.

Until Oliver came to terms with his parent's odd relationship could he finally move on further in his relationship with his latest lover Anna, whom also had her own unresolved issues and demons to battle.

This is a movie with a deeper meaning about life, about how lives are shaped by many factors within and beyond our control, and about how the decisions we make in life has an impact on us and the others around us. I guess in this day and age, right or wrong is no longer as important in life, but rather how we choose to live it, regardless of all the good and bad things that happen to us. It makes me wonder, whether I am truly living my life or am I just merely glossing through it?