02 August 2011


Finally, I caught the final installment of the movie. Surprisingly, it surpassed my expectations and the showdown between Voldemort, there is no need to refer to him as he who we shall not speak of because he is totally dead, and Harry Potter was fantastic.

There were lots of casualties, which is not unexpected of such a war between good and evil, and as always good triumphs over evil. What is funny to me is the part where they showed Harry Potter, his friends and their children 19 years later. I thought that scene was hilarious because I cannot picture them being parents to young kids half their age.

Anyway, I cannot stand Voldemort because as the dark lord, his looks and fashion sense were revolting. He should seriously wear a wig, go for a tan, have a nose job (rhinoplasty) and complete makeover in order to attract more followers.

Anyway, I am sure Daniel Radcliffe and gang are probably as glad as me that it all ends here. Good bye Harry, Hermione and Ron. It is time for these young actors and actress to walk out of their shadows and make more grown up movies.