09 August 2011


I was waiting in anticipation when I knew they were going to make Marvel Comics' Captain America into a movie. Just like Green Lantern, I looked forward to who they were going to cast as the lead character. When I read that Chris Evans was finally chosen to play this comic hero, I was even more eager to wait for the release of this movie.

However, somehow I felt Chris is a miscast for the role. The Chris I know and grew to love from earlier movies e.g. The Cell, Fantastic Four's Human Torch, is a very sunny, cheeky and fun-loving guy. Captain America's conventional and solemn Steve Rogers appears to be everything he is not. No doubt this is the first big break for him as the leading man since he came onto the scene, and if this is a success, it will spawn at least 4 more sequels. In terms of career, it is very good for him. But I see him more fitting as other superhero characters such as Flash. 

Recent newspaper reports of him suffering almost a mental breakdown was testament of the tremendous stress he was under. He bulked up so much for the role that it was simply unbelievable. Anyway, I will just enjoy the movie and wait for the upcoming series featuring Iron Man, Thor and Captain America in summer 2012 next year.

Coming back to the movie, I have always not been a fan of the Nazi war setting but I am sometimes amazed by how movie makers weaved history into the script, like in X-Men: First Class and this movie. What really got me amused and chuckling all the way to the end was how they made Chris looked like this scrawny, anorexic, geeky kid who wanted desperately to join the army, before he underwent the lab experiment that transformed him into the tall hunky soldier who later became Captain America. The costume was not as cool as Green Lantern but the shield is a classic.

By the way, I am looking forward to 'Final Destination 5', after watching the trailer shown before this movie screening. I am a huge fan of this cult series and watched every single one of the movies. The thought of a horrible death looming in your face and trying desperately to evade it at all costs is both extremely scary and nerve-wrecking.