02 August 2011


There was so much hype about this made in Hong Kong category III porn flick. Reports of how its screening in Hong Kong overthrew the box office lead Titanic and its saucy details hogged the headlines for a while. There is no reason for me to miss it so I went to watch it recently.

Yes, there were quite a few pretty sexy actresses and there were ample displays of cleavage and breasts. I have not seen the earlier Sex and Zen movies and had no preconceived notion of what to expect. But I must admit this is one bizarre movie. It was initially hilariously entertaining but the latter part became too sappy.

So what message did I get from this movie? Well, I think it is the part where it showed that sex is not everything in a relationship and a couple can still have a blissful union without it. Whether it is true or not, I leave it to each one's personal opinion.