07 August 2011


This movie starring Donnie Yen and Takeshi Kaneshiro is not the typical run of the mill martial arts movie.

Donnie plays a repentant murderer who went into hiding for almost a decade to evade his master villain. In the process, he concealed his identity, martial skills, married a village girl and faded into peaceful oblivion from the outside world. his existence came to light only after two notorious bandits tried to rob and kill some villagers and he saved them by effortlessly killing off the highly skilled bandits, yet making it appear as if he was lucky and did it by chance. 

The official investigator Takeshi went through all the clues, CSI style, which he deduced pointed towards Donnie. The star of the movie is clearly Donnie but I feel Takeshi's more controlled and subdued acting as the bespectacled righteous investigator, who believes in true justice and ruined his own marriage in the process, is much more impressive.