18 August 2011


Is it just me who enjoyed this tv series 'The Gates'? The series ended its run on our tv recently and I am sad that there would not be season 2 of it due to poor ratings.

Starring a cast of unknowns, or at least I do not know them except Rhona Mitra whom I recall from the former tv series 'The Practice', the plot tells of a community of residents who seek refuge within the safety of a walled up place inside the gates. However, all is not what it seems on the surface. A cop with a dark past and his family moved to this place to start life afresh just to discover to their horror that this place has a deep dark secret far worse than the crimes that occur outside the gates.

Unknown to the outside world, clans of vampires, werewolves, witches and succubus etc reside and exist in conflict and harmony with each other until an incident occurred that threatened to disrupt the peace and quiet of this entire community. Once they are in, it is impossible to get out.

It may be too much to digest having so many different characters in a show but I actually enjoy it very much. How often do we get a series with vampires, werewolves etc all rolled into one? See if you can tell which character each of the following actor and actress plays in the show.