22 August 2011


I went to watch the 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' recently with much anticipation. I had high expectations of this movie because the original storyline is a classic and because it stars one of my favourite actor James Edward Franco, or simply James Franco.

I did not watch any of the earlier versions except for the one a decade ago starring Mark Wahlberg etc. Compared to the 2001 version that involved time travel and had a ending that shocked me, this current one tells of a slightly different story of a chimpanzee Caesar born in a laboratory from its mother which was injected with a virus that stimulated the brain cells to regenerate itself, with the potential to cure Alzheimer.

Over time, Caesar developed an intelligence beyond that of other primates and possibly even beyond the humans. After a slew of incidents involving attacks on the neighbour, being caged and ill-treated and finally realizing that it could never fit into a world of humans, it hatched a plan to unit all the primates in San Francisco to escape to the Red Woods, which is a sanctuary for wildlife. And escape they did. The battle against the police was a test of wits, and although some primates perished, most made it to the destination.

Caesar was a victim of the situation but he was also frightening at times. The way he looked as he schemed a plot against the humans was just freakishly scary. Fortunately, his aim was not to take over the human race, but rather to find a home where he truly belonged to. He is an enemy that you wouldn't want to cross swords with. His parting words to his geneticist 'father' and raiser Will was "Caesar is home" and it was uttered with conviction and without regrets.

By the way, John Lithgow, whom I remember from 'Third Rock from the Sun', Tom Felton who is more famously known as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, and Andy Serkis who played Caesar were part of the cast.