09 May 2012


Today's weather - sunny
The Echinodorus cultivar is one beautiful marginal aquatic plant. The simple 2 or 3- tri-petaled white flowers are relatively big compared to the blue flowers of the Monochoria vaginalis.

But in terms of height, not many can beat the purple flower Thalia dealbata.

A bog garden habitat with lots of aquatic plants is a haven for dragonflies. One thing I learnt about dragonflies is that different species occur in slightly different habitats e.g. open sun areas, shade areas. Isn't that interesting?

As for plants, not many ferns are as big as the Acrostichum aureum. This has always been one of my favourite freshwater ferns because of its pinkish new leaves. With just one of these ferns in water, many more will sprout from this relatively fast growing fern.