02 May 2012


Alright, the title is a bit generic but sometimes I am too lazy to think of a better description.

The first two photos show an unusual silver-leaved Barleria. Next is a rather unique variegated Scaevola taccada (common name: Beach Cabbage, Sea Lettuce).

On the trunks of the various Dipterocarpus trees were also clumps of the Dendrobium crumenatum (common name: Pigeon Orchid). Too bad the orchids were not flowering at the time when the photos were taken.

At another side of the nursery were several Euclinia longiflora (synonym: Randia macrantha; common name: Tree Gardenia), where some were in bloom and the numerous pendulous flowers.

Whenever I am at the state lands, I would look past the immediate greenery and find beautiful, architectural stands of the Albizzia falcarata  in the background. Their sinewy and weak branching makes it an unsuitable roadside tree. Even when they are dead, the tree crown is also quite artistic.

Finally, I came across this native Cerbera odollam (common name: Pong Pong), where the main trunk meandered across the ground to create a very unique photographic opportunity for photographers. The arching branch reminds me of a similar trunked Tembusu tree on the Singapore $5 dollars note. Well, this former tree already has its location pre-selected and would not be used in the area where I am currently planting up.