02 May 2012


Today's weather - sunny
From a distance, I saw a piece of nature's art - the beautiful bare branches of the Garcinia cowa. In fact, I could almost imagine the tree in an upside down position with the bare branches as the root system of a tree.

Over at the Visitor's Centre, the clumps of Ixora javanica (yellow) which we planted months ago were rewarding me with its beautiful umbel of yellow tubular flowers.

Recently, it was also the blooming season for the Flame of the Forest trees. Islandwide, the Delonix regia trees were drawing its admirer's attention to its many vibrant, scarlet flowers. Beside this car park were the remnant trees salvaged from the development. However, I was told they looked even more magnificent in their hey days. I guess I can only imagine the spectacular sight these trees provide to the area.