17 May 2012


Today's weather - sunny
I have not been to the Cloud Forest conservatory since planting started. That is, until 3 days ago.

When I stepped into the dome, I caught sight of the mountain and was instantly sold on its beauty. Walking up the mountain and on the aerial walkway only enhanced my experience further. I saw a number of my favourite plants e.g. Begonia, Medinilla, Rhododendron, Stretocarpella. I am so looking forward to see some other amazing plants like the Brugmansia.

It is so cool, literally speaking! While the Flower Dome is supposed to be a cool dry conservatory, this is a cool moist one. I must say kudos to the team who did an excellent job of planting up the mountain and I really look forward to the opening about a month from now when I can witness the tallest waterfall in Singapore.