26 May 2012


Today's weather - sunny
This is a sequel to the original movie "Love in the Puff" which I did not catch, so I do not know what happened between the two leads Shawn Yue and Miriam Yeung previously. But I guess it doesn't affect new viewers like me because it can be seen as an independent movie on its own.

It started off by showing how a girl seemed to be cursed because her three previous boyfriends were killed one after another in freak accidents related to cooking. For a moment, I thought I was in the wrong cinema until the two leads appeared.

The movie tells the tale of the two, who faced some relationship problems, broke up in Hong Kong and  went to Beijing separately to work. When they met in Beijing again sometime later, the sparks between them were re-ignited. By then, the younger Shawn had a new mainland girlfriend of one year and Miriam was trying to start afresh with a nice, attentive and warm guy who came to her rescue in an incident.

It was a rather sad and poignant movie that explored the past and present relationships of the two characters, and how they fought hard to rekindle their past relationship but yet could not overlook the annoying flaws or let go of their new relationships. They were in a dilemma as they weighed whether to listen to their hearts to go back to their old flames or to listen to their heads to move on with their new found ones. Eventually, they each came to their final decision to stuck it out together. Despite each other's imperfections, they were perfect for each other as a couple.

For me, the interesting and even comedic parts came in the form of brief cameos by Ekin Cheng, Linda Wong, Huang Xiaoming and the laughter and vomit inducing cross-dressing video of Shawn Yue emulating Linda Wong's MTV hit song "Don't Ask Who I Am", which I  attached below.