13 May 2012


This is the variegated Hamelia patens (common name: Firebush) that I bought from HortPark months ago. Sadly, the terminal branch was pruned off and this plant lost its apical dominance and refused to grow vertically.

Amazingly, this sunbird attracting plant produces reddish to black fruits that make me tempted to eat them. I read with interest that the fruits of the original species are edible and have medicinal and industrial properties. Most of the fruits have dropped but I shall try one soon. On the other hand, I do not know why my common Hamelia patens have not produced a single fruit at all since I planted it although it is a good host plant for my few epiphytic orchids.

In the other planters, my Crotalaria retusa and Datura metel seeds are germinating. I cannot wait for them to grow up, I mean bigger.

NB on 14 May 12 - I tasted the black berry of the variegated Hamelia and it tasted slightly sweet.