30 May 2012


Today's weather - sunny

I was so impressed with this website when I first came across it recently. In fact, I still am and have created the following effects as samples. I leave it to the before and after photos to show the difference.

The animated ones are cool and may be huge in size, but I think it is absolutely worth it and would come in very handy for presentations. I am not able to upload two animated effects though - ripple and reflection, possibly because of the large file size.

These effects are:
  1. motivational poster
  2. fire
  3. photo album
  4. pixelated, cartoon & lego style
  5. polaroid camera
  6. 3D cube
  7. photo frame
  8. picture insert
  9. stained glass
  10. kaleidoscope
  11. sparkle
  12. pouring rain
  13. colour bars
  14. vignette