02 May 2011


I was here at the Alexandra Village for lunch more frequently in April 11 than I had for the last 3 years.

This bed of Tradescantia sp., from the Family Commelinaceae, nearer the road is growing so well under the shade. As I walked into the open towards the bridge over AYE, there was a grass bed full of wild weeds such as Cleome rutidosperma and Tridax procumbens. There were a few small butterflies from the Lycaenidae Family flitting from flower to flower but I did not manage to capture them on my photos under the blazing sun.

The railway track that led from the old Tanjong Pagar train station to Malaysia is still there and up on the slope were a few beautiful and flowering Delonix regia (common name: Red Flame, Flame of the Forest). If I wasn't going back to you, I would love to explore the area.