21 May 2011


It was the year 2003. After the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) was over, I went for the Wavefront Lasik surgery to correct my severe myopia of 675 and 750 degrees in my left and right eye respectively at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. And I never look back ever since then.

Based on a certain survey then, patients with severe myopia were most patients were happy with the LASIK results and were willing to give up a few years of their lives in exchange for the perfect vision. And I ditto that. Perfect vision means more to most patients than anything else and it is not something anyone would understand unless one is severely myopic to begin with.

So I enjoyed near perfect vision for close to 7 years. Starting from early 2010, my vision started to deteriorate again. I had a pair of glasses done after that and the power was about 75 (L) and 125 (R). I also went for a checkup by a professional eye surgeon and his comments were my myopic regression, or rather progression, is due to my genetic disposition rather than anything related to the former LASIK surgery. Which means to say, even though my power stabilized for many years before the LASIK surgery, I would still develop a higher myopia even if I had not gone for the surgery. The good news was, he said, the myopia correction would mean I would unlikely need to wear reading glasses for long-sightedness for the rest of my life.

But then again, my power seemed to have increased further and I was having trouble reading certain things slightly further away. This afternoon, a check with my neighbourhood optician showed my power is now 100 (L) and 175 (R). That is bad news to me and I would never be able to see well without the aid of glasses etc! According to the following link, myopia progression after LASIK usually occurs in those who have to do close work e.g. reading, than those who have to see farther. This means I need to cut down on time in front of the computer, so I would have to reduce blogging too to save my eyesight from further deterioration.