02 May 2011


When I visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens, there are bound to be interesting plants that capture my attention. I think it was here that I first saw the Petraeovitex wolfei (common name: Wolfei's Vine) before I actually introduced it to HortPark's Carpark Garden and planted it along my corridor.

The sculpture 'Girl on a Swing' is hanging precariously above a bed of white and purplish groundcovers like the Arundina graminifolia (dwarf variety) and Solenostemon scutellarioides (common name: Coleus). It must be hard for her to maintain that frozen posture, lest she topple onto the bed of beautiful plants.

I always forget the species name of this uncommon Mesua tree with maroon leaf undersides. I must try to remember it the next time I get its name.

Across the road at Napier Road, the small and native Dendrobium leonis orchid on the slab of pine bark appeared to be mounted on the Rain Tree trunk recently. The zig-zag leaves are more interesting than the inconspicuous flowers.