02 May 2011


I was pruning my Aptenia cordifolia (variegated) when I saw 3 flowers. Strangely, this plant hardly flowers on me and yet this sprig sent out 3 flowers in close proximity of each other.

I also bought the Tradescantia fluminensis 'Albovittata' recently and planted it into a shady corner of my corridor. I love the striated green and white markings on its leaves. It is truly a handsome plant.

In addition, I decided to propagate some of my shrubs in the plastic container I bought from NTUC Fairprice. Amongst them are Fittonia, Pilea and Fuchsia. The Fittonia was propagated earlier and have rooted and the others were just added in. At the same time, I planted some of the other Fittonia and Achimenes into another container so that I don't have to keep closer tabs on its watering. Let us see how well they fare.