08 May 2011


In this part of the world or Singapore, the Lalang (scientific name: Imperata cylindrica; Family: Poaceae / Gramineae) is a very obnoxious weed and they are always removed in any horticultural bed. So I would be crazy if I say the inflorescence is pretty and it would make an interesting ornamental grass. Surprisingly, there wasn't much information on this species on the web.

So am I joking? Absolutely not.

Another common weed from the same grass Family is the Eleusine indica (common name: Indian Goosegrass, Wiregrass). I remember when I was in primary school and I had two chicks, I went to the grass patch below my flat and collected the seed heads of this grass and tried to feed them to the chicks. Eventually, I learnt it the hard way that they are not food for the chicks when they died on me from starvation. Thinking back, I feel bad that the poor chicks' life were cut short because of my ignorance.

A link on this grass is attached below: