15 May 2011


These are some of the other interesting plants and animals at Bishan Park:

1st & 2nd photos - Ipomoea triloba
3rd, 6th & 9th photos - Merremia peltata
4th & 5th photos - dragonfly
7th, 8th & 10th photos - Typha angustifolia
15th & 16th photos - Alternanthera sessilis 'Red' (common name: Red Sessile Joyweed, Red Carpet Weed; Family: Amaranthaceae)
18th & 19th photos - Monochoria vaginalis
21st - 23rd photos - I keep forgetting the name of this plant. It came to me some time ago but I forgot the name again. NB on 18 May 11: Ah, it is known as Limnocharis flava (common name: Water Cabbage).