15 May 2011


I also bought this uncommon yellow-flower Cirrhopetalum (synonym: Bulbophyllum) recently at the Alexandra Village as a parting gift.

By the way, I bought 2 pots of patio roses yesterday and was thinking of a place to plant them. Eventually I made a hard decision. Something had to go to make way for them. I transplanted out the non-bushy Impatiens walleriana and murdered my monster Mirabilis jalapa. Yes, I single-handedly killed it by breaking off all its limbs before ripping out its large tuberous root! It wasn't doing well in recent months with its reduced leaves and severe signs of nutrient deficiency despite my frequent fertilizing efforts, so I had to deliver it from further suffering. I concluded that it is a heavy feeder that needs to be fed very regularly. Anyway, I collected so many seeds from it that I gave most of it to my colleagues for propagation. As for the rest, I know just where to grow it together with the tuberous root. I will give it a larger space to grow and hopefully this time round, it would be happier. I shall miss wonderful plant with its numerous beautiful and fragrant red blooms. 2 links on this fantastic plant are shown below:

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirabilis_jalapa
  2. http://www.floridata.com/ref/m/mira_jal.cfm