29 May 2011


This is the 4th fantasy movie on the Pirates of the Carribean. It would never be the same without Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp, who can play almost anything. But to be frank, whilst I think Johhny Depp did the most brilliant and fantastic job of portraying this pirate and made him come alive, I cannot stand his quirky behaviour.

In fact, I am quite sick of this series of pirates movies but since I caught all three before this, I had to see this one too for continuity. Also starring Penelope Cruz, it was the usual pirates fighting over this or that hidden treasure, travelling to mysterious and treacherous places in the process, encountering and overcoming life-threatening obstacles.

This one had mermaids in it, and similar to one of the Harry Potter movies, the mermaids here are not harmless creatures. They were beautiful sea creatures that turned into man eating monsters after charming them with their beauty. Nevertheless, I still love mermaids since time immemorial because they are such beautiful mystical creatures. Would they ever feature mermans someday, I wonder?

A link on the movie is provided below: