23 May 2011


Don't read on or watch the movie if you are a staunch christian or firm believer of god because it is yet another blasphemous movie.

This movie starring Paul Bettany, Maggie Q, Cam Gigandet and Lily Collins, relates about a world at war between humans and vampires since the beginning of time. For centuries, the weaker human race managed to stay alive only because of the vampire's fear of the light. 

Eventually, a breed of warrior priests, with superhuman abilities and reflexes, under the Church defeated and vanquished the vampires, or so they thought, whilst most of the humans lived within a walled up city protected by the church. Fearing the powers of these priests, the Church dissolved the group and banished them to live amongst the normal humans.

When the title character Paul Bettany's brother and ex-lover cum sister-in-law were killed and his niece Lucy was kidnapped, supposedly by vampires, he rose against the Church in search of her together with Lucy's boyfriend, the wasteland sheriff Cam Gigandet. Enraged by his actions, the manipulative Church sent a team of priests, including Maggie Q, to go after him, dead or alive.

What is interesting is that in most classic vampire movies such as Christopher Lee's Dracula, there is always a female character named Lucy. Is it a coincidence in this movie or a deliberate attempt to give credit to the older movies? In addition, the vampires in this movie are unlike what we see in modern vampire shows. They are made out to be strong, agile, hideous looking or alien-like creatures with no eyes. Well, I guess it makes a lot of sense to depict them this way. Just like there are some blind cave-dwelling fishes, the vampires have no need for eyes since they live in the dark. Anyway, if Cam Gigandet looks familiar, that is because he was seen as a blond vampire in the Twilight series. How ironic? From a human-killing vampire to a vampire-killing human, it goes one full circle, doesn't it?

The ending provided enough premise for a sequel to be made since the queen vampire was not captured or destroyed in the hive. Anyway, a link on this movie is shown here: