03 May 2011


I mentioned about the holusion in the previous post. Like I said, it was very popular years ago when I was still schooling. 

These are images that are not just merely repeated patterns, or so they appear to be. If one looks at it carefully and for a while, it would be possible to see a 3D image of some other objects, items etc. However, I don't think it is good for the eyes and it messes with the vision.

My classmates and I loved to look at these images and try to see who was first in deciphering the hidden images within. So give it a try but don't lose your eyesight because of this or lose sleep because you cannot see anything. It gets easier when you are able to see one image and I managed to see the following images taken from www.darkpaws.com:

  1. 2 hummingbirds visiting trumpet-shaped flowers
  2. a cow
  3. a stag and a deer
  4. 3 dolphins
  5. an eagle
  6. a big and a small elephant
  7. pegasus with a globe like thing behind it
  8. a flock of 7 penguins
  9. a ram
  10. a stingray, an octopus and some other smaller fishes
  11. a shark closing in on a small fish with another on the left
  12. a big and a small howling wolf with the moon behind it