02 September 2011


Today's weather - sunny
For our local nurseries, I am sure most people would know about Far East Flora. These are some photos I took recently when I visited the main branch at Thomson Road.

It is always a delight for me when I see a beautiful display of flowering plants. It just makes my day. In the end, I bought a few plants for my terrarium.

On a separate note, my cousin told me recently that two of them feel that I am the most lucky one amongst our cousins when it comes to job satisfaction. They feel I found the enviable dream job that keeps me happy all these years. Frankly, I would be lying if I say this is the best job ever and would always tell those I know that there is no job that makes one 100% happy and satisfied. If it does, then the person must be damn lucky. For me, as long as it makes me happy more than 70% of the time, I am more than satisfied and would stay on the job. 

Am I being realistic and grounded or am I silly not to seek out the perfect job? Who doesn't want a life that is a bed of roses? But in reality, life is full of ups and downs and so is our job. Why should it be any different in this case?