09 September 2011


I started with the grueling climb up the steep flight of staircase to Hendersen Waves and was almost panting halfway. I had to push myself on without stopping and thank goodness I think the jogging paid off.

This is the second time I am up there on this highest footbridge in Singapore. The view up here of the surrounding is spectacular. In the far horizon, I could see the interesting development 'Reflection' which I posted before. From here, the   inward curving buildings reminded me of the demon's castle in Lord of the Rings. It is marvelous how clear some of the details are with the use of the zoom function of the Nikon camera.

There were the familiar trees Albizia amongst the dense forest vegetation and the beautiful orange fruits of the Tembusu tree. Anyway, what is a walk through the park without sight of its fauna? My squirrel friend was frantically dashing across the wooden bridge, presumably because it was not on familiar grounds on the artificially constructed wooden pathway which serves as a nature corridor for such animals to move from one area to another.