28 September 2011


 Today's weather - rainy
This Hamelia patens along my corridor has been attracting the Olive-backed Sunbird but I never managed to get good photos of them. 

There were several occasions when I was doing my gardening along the corridor and the sunbirds suddenly flew and perched onto the Hamelia. I had to freeze in my steps and stop what I was doing. But they always discover me and flew off before I could even walk back into the house to retrieve my camera.

So it was a pleasant surprise when I saw this little fella and managed to take these few shots of it, albeit the photos were rather pathetic looking. The affinity of this plant to attract sunbirds is one reason why I have yet to remove it from my planter, even though it is starting to shows nutrient deficiency symptoms recently. I can be destructive at times and sooner or later, this Hamelia may follow the footsteps of the Quisqualis.