02 September 2011


2012 is the next leap year that is coming up. And Mediacorp Raintree Pictures made this movie 'The Leap Years' which was released back in 2008. Starring our very own Wong Lilin, who have since migrated overseas, the Thai actor Ananda Everingham made famous by the horror movie 'Shutter', the Chinese American actress Joan Chen, Qi Yuwu, Vernetta Lopez, a cameo appearance by Allan Wu etc, I watched it on television months ago but procrastinated to post about it.

I cannot remember the whole story but it somehow revolved around the single and available character played by Joan Chen, who in her elder years recounted her story to her daughter, I think, of how she met a man she could never forget when she was younger. 

Upon prompting by her happily attached friends, the younger Lilin chatted up a foreign tourist Ananda on Feb 29 in a leap year at a roadside cafe, and they made a pact to meet again four years later at the same cafe after the mutually attracted acquaintances spent a night together. Both were looking forward to the meet up in the leap year but had no way of contacting each other since they left without having any contact information about each other. 

Somehow, due to a sudden twist of events, they never got to meet again and they were pining for each other. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember the ending because while the notion of the plot was refreshingly interesting, the acting and storyline wasn't with its forgettable and unrealistic plot. What a waste!

The leap year is coming up in less than 6 months time, so there is still time to plan that special moment with that special someone, if you entertain the romantic novelty of meeting up on this once in four years occasion.