02 September 2011


This Brugmansia is one of my last cuttings since I killed the previous one that gave me lots of pure, simple pleasure and happiness when I see its amazing blooms coupled with its strong aromatic fragrance! By the way, out of these 3 recent blooms, 1 opened up torn and distorted. I wonder what happened?

The second series of photos show a watersprout from my Quisqualis indica climber. This shoot was growing so fast but in the wrong direction blocking the pathway and I had no choice except to snip it off before my annoyed neighbours do so. But this is not the purpose for me to post the pruned branch. They say you learn something everyday and that was what happened to me. I learnt that the climber has adaptations that help it to hold on to supporting structures in a bid to climb higher. I just realized that the thorns on the twig are actually the remnant leaf petioles after the leaf drops off. Hmm, how interesting!

Finally, the leaf of the Oxalis triangularis apparently contains some oil that helps it to repel water. Just look at the water droplet on the leaf.