20 September 2011


Interestingly, my cousin and I were in contact with each other recently on terrariums and plants for the home. 

He was saying how his wife wishes for a penthouse to grow plants. In fact, I too wish that I can have a penthouse to grow plants on the rooftop. It has always been my dream but sadly, I don't think I can ever afford to buy one. Even my mum jokingly mentioned previously that she hopes I can someday buy a terrace house so that I can grow all the plants I want. However, I do think she secretly wants the piece of land to grow her green stuff too.

Anyway, this is what I can grow along this little stretch of corridor and little sunshine. I am merely making do with whatever space I have to grow plants. In fact, this small amount of space is so precious that I have to periodically decide what plants to replace in order to have the optimum impact that I seek. There is just no room for non-performers here.

I had this Quisqualis for a long while now and it has not flowered profusely the way it does in open sun areas and was showing severe nutrient deficiency symptoms. So, I made the difficult decision and spent more than an hour digging it out of the huge planter it was in. I transplanted it into a pot so that I can plant it somewhere else. Right now, most of the leaves have dried up and it is under extreme stress since most of the its extensive roots were severed by me in the process of digging it up.