11 September 2011


When we reached the adjacent carpark at this part of the park, I noticed a drastic difference in the appearance of this area since I last visited this site. From afar, I could see lush vegetation and colours, so I took a quick walk through this tranquil trail where I gave my inputs on enhancing it as a butterfly friendly environment.

The change in the landscape is uplifting when I saw the pink flowers of the Antigonon leptopus wrapping around the perimeter railings, beds of butterfly host and nectar plants e.g. Calotropis gigantea (common name: Crown Flower), trellis of Aristolochia and Quisqualis.

The cable car cabins that were salvaged also add a different dimension and ambience to this place. I am sure even the squirrel agrees with me. I think this place is transformed for the better, even if there are no new butterfly sightings.

With this post, the visit to the Southern Ridges came to an end.