04 September 2011


Today's weather - sunny

I have to admit I enjoy watching 'The Final Destination' franchise and have caught every single one of the earlier movies. The movies chronicle how survivors of a disaster still eventually end up dead because they cannot cheat death which goes after them one at a time, by killing them off in the most gruesome way possible.

Call me a sadist because I enjoy the adrenalin rush provided by the movie. My stomach was like in knots and I was gripping my hands and the seat with anticipation of how each character is killed off.

In part 5, it was a bridge collapse that they got out of. Starring Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher, Tony Todd etc, it was just a so-so movie and the producers seemed bent on showing lots of gore and spilled contents of the human body. I hate the opening sequence, which featured continuous moving frames of nails, water and shards of glass for the longest duration possible, crediting the producers, directors etc that I thought were usually shown at the end of the movie. It was so annoying but there was nothing I could do about it. Nevertheless, I would never miss any of the sequels if I can help it.