05 September 2011


Today's weather - sunny
I was there again recently and just enjoy walking along this stretch of the timber walkway. I love the contrast between the white-leaved Dieffenbachia and the other dark green plants in the shade. To me, every plant has its place in the landscape.

There is also this interesting Ficus tree right where the taiqi group exercises every day. It has shed its leaves recently and is sprouting new coloured leaves now.

The uncommon palm Welfia regia has also flowered recently and there are numerous whisks of inflorescences and infrutescens of fruits. At the palm base is planted the variegated Pteris ensiformis, which is a fern that I love very much too but always have problems growing them.

Then there is the uncommon but native Kopsia singapurensis with Periwinkle-like white flowers with a red eye.

Along the forest edge can be seen clumps of the Pseuderanthemum andersonii although I have some doubts on its identity. The ones that I grow have broader ovate leaves rather than the narrower elliptical leaves seen here although both have similar purplish flowers. I wonder if one is the species and the other is a cultivar.

Finally as I approached the Botany Centre, there is this trellis planted with Cissus sicyoides (common name: Princess Vine). The ignorant me used to wonder why the dangling roots form a curved-shaped and have reddish tips. Now I know that the reddish ends are a result of pruning and these are the new growth.