29 August 2010


The Star of Bethlehem or White Tibey from the Family Campanulaceae has many synonyms including Hippobroma longiflora, Lobelia longiflora and Isotoma longiflora.

It is a rather versatile plant in that it grows well in both the sun and semi-shade conditions, provided it is grown in well-drained soils and receives sufficient water. Contrary to what I was told, this plant does not like to be continuously drenched with water.

However, one has to be careful when handling this plant because every part of it with the milky white sap is supposedly poisonous. When in contact with it, the sap can cause irritation and blindness, so it is better to wear some hand gloves when pruning them etc.

What I like about this plant is the rosette of serrated elongate leaves and white star-like flowers which provide great contrast in terms of texture differences. A link on this beautiful plant is attached below: