16 August 2010


These photos were taken at the new water feature beside the round-about.

I think the 2nd and 3rd photos show a species of Schoenoplectus (common name: Club-rush, Bulrush) from the Cyperaceae Family. It is a genus with lots of species, so I have no idea what is the exact identity of this sedge.

The last 2 photos were on this plant Radermachera 'Kunming' (Dwarf Tree Jasmine) from the Bignoniaceae Family. I think it is a cultivar though I didn't try to find any literature to support it. The ones I planted in HortPark are at least 2-4 m tall now, depending on the location, and are always free flowering with no pests problems. With the common name, one would have thought it is a very fragrant plant. In truth, the flowers have a light fragrance that is only apparent when you smell it within close range. A link on this plant is below: