30 August 2010


In comparison with the orange dwarf Tithonia rotundifolia that I posted recently, this shrub from the Asteraceae Family at the Nursery Holding Area grows to above 2 m and has yellow sunflower-like flowers.

Hence, its common name is the Giant Mexican Sunflower. I was requested to propagate these for the Golden Garden and that was what I did. In fact, I planted quite a huge patch next to the small pond.

Unfortunately, this shrub has an untidy look because of its dried leaves that hang limp on the plant itself. So it is not the control freak who wants everything to be manicured. If one can look past the imperfections of this shrub, then only can one appreciate its true beauty and value in a landscape. I, for that matter, grew to appreciate its whorls of palmate leaves and ever free-flowering suns.