24 July 2011


I read in the chinese papers yesterday that a recent new song <唸你> by 刘子千 went viral on the internet. The number of hits on the net even beat all the other established singers' albums released during the same period. But it was noticed for the wrong reasons. I read it was so bad that the large majority rated it very poorly. But who on earth is this guy?

Both to famous parents from the chinese media industry - dad is music producer, actor and director 刘家昌 and mum is the very beautiful actress and whom I regard as the prettiest chinese actress in the 70's 甄珍, the 25 year old who inherited his mum's good looks became a much bigger overnight sensation, compared to the time he released his first album and when he sang the theme song <玫瑰> from the Jay Chou movie <刺陵>.

To be fair, I just heard some of his songs online and he can actually sing, as evident by the song <玫瑰>. And he can rap too. But most of the other songs were non-catchy and boring. I read the poor album sales prompted his dad to release this new song which showcased the old style of singing, which was in fact very grating when sung by him. It could be a publicity ploy and if it is indeed so, it worked because everyone is going online to hear it and they are all repeating the first few lines of the song. They say negative publicity is better than no publicity right?

So how bad or good the songs really are? Hear them here and decide for yourselves.