09 July 2011


6 rubber band-like separators (or spacers) were wedged between my molars on 28 Jun. My top left teeth were spared because there was a missing molar that was removed years ago. There was some slight discomfort on the first day and the next few days were kind of fine. 

But gradually I realized I couldn't eat hard food e.g. meat, because every time I tried to bite into it with my molars, the teeth hurt so badly. So I gave up eating hard or large chunky food that requires chewing. Swallowing became the only way I could have the food down my throat.

When the separators were taken out on 7 Jul, it was such a huge relief for me. They were replaced by 4 metal bands fixed onto my 4 molars. Finally I could bite into hard food with my molar. But therein lies another problem. The protruding parts of the bands are now rubbing against the insides of my mouth and I can almost feel the appearance of ulcers because of the constant abrasion. Eating food is such a pain! Every time I eat something, it almost always feel as if something is stuck between my teeth and bands and I have to constantly brush them after the food.

My orthodontic dentist was supposed to bond the braces on the same day but she decided to postpone it. She told me to eat all the food that I want before the next session. Her advice was, life would be very different once all those are in, so she advised me to enjoy while I still can.

Sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into since I have to endure all these pain for the next 2 years. But one thing is certain. I know I would lose some weight by the end of it because right now, eating is a discomfort and I started losing interest in some food that I love to eat.